Marketing for a Salesperson

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An all inclusive, done-for-you service covering data, marketing, and sales activities for a salesperson.  Our Marketing for Salespeople approach is trusted by Fortune 100 companies, unicorns, startups, and everything in between.

All of our packages include a weekly meeting with our creative marketing strategists to analyse your active campaigns, design new techniques and pitches, and build engagement content tailored to your territory.


Our team gathers laser-focused target lists that include mobile numbers, skill set lists, seniority, and much more.  This data is then formatted and delivered in an easy-to-digest way so the marketing team can build strategic campaigns and systematic approaches to engaging the list.


Re-branding yourself as a subject matter expert and someone that a decision-maker wants to spend time with makes the difference between you engaging and a prospecting engaging with you. Ensuring that we are consistently educating and qualifying prospects before you speak with them means more time closing and less time prospecting.  Just like a website for a business, our team are always coming up with creative ways to build your digital brand in your customer's eyes.


Using a catalogue of selling styles and templates, we embed insights gathered during your onboarding process including strategic information like: 

  • USP (Unique Selling Position)
  • Tangible outcomes
  • Customer successes
  • Closing style

By the end of your first week with us, we will have 12 campaigns running simultaneously so that we can analyse which conversation styles work best in your geography and target demographic.  We analyse which parts of the messaging sequence work best and where we should tweak vs amp up vs kill. 

This data-driven and creative approach has enabled our team to sell multi-million dollar software, tins of tomato, and everything in between.